My Personal Conclusions …

… after the quite good graphics competitions at the Revision 2012 are:

  • One fact that made me happy concerning the Modern Tools Graphics Competition was, that the first three ranks were actually filled with artists that still can paint with their own hands. Have a good feeling of perspective and proportion and are able to draw without the “help” of poser, blender, maya or $Random3Dmodeler. I’m still one of the people that think that the competitions should be split into something like “Hand painted” and “3D rendered” or something like that. That would do justice to all people taking part in the graphics competitions and it simply would be fair to do so.
  • The second fact is, that the Oldskool Graphics Competitions is much more surprising to me and it is much more inspiring for me to see the pictures and feel the creativity, knowledge and hard work that went into it. Not because I think there is more skill needed to create something for the oldskool platforms, but simply because the artist has more boundaries. I really have to mention Veto/Arsenic & Oxyron here, as his great winning entry called “Eye of the Storm“motivated me to start a new C64 picture almost instantly after ariving back home. o/