Sculptris BubbleheadThis evening I took half an hour off from oldskool pixeling for the C64 and finally came to install Sculptris, the free tool from Pixologic, the makers of ZBrush. After registering you get the download link via e-mail quite fast and after clicking through the installation process you can instantly start to use the tool. My first goal when trying out a new 3D program for the first time is to create a bubblehead. The GUI is really easy to use and stunningly intuitive. You basically start with a primitive and just pull out or push in the surface using brushes. I succeeded to create a simple bubblehead within some minutes and it was quite fun to do it. You can see the fast result on the right.

During my next session I’ll try something more advanced and also use the painting tools.

Up to now the tool is quite fun to use and I’m looking forward to explore it a bit further.