Netslang or useful additions to the German language?

Lately some German politicians are helping a lot creating new synonymical words for existing actions. At least it seems to be a trend and also a kind of penalization for incompetent German politicians.

A term quite often used in Germany is now “guttenbergen” which means to “intentionally copy something that belongs to someone else“. This was invented after Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg declared his resignation after it became known that he plagiarised the work of numerous authors in his doctoral thesis.

During the last days also a fresh term is slowly added to the netslang. This time it is “hevelingen“, which means something like “speaking about topics you don’t have a clue at all“. This was introduced after the German politician Ansgar Heveling (sorry. He’s so unimportant that his wikipedia page is only available in German) made some statements in a German newspaper that clearly show, that he hasn’t a clue what the internet is about and what role it plays now and in the future.

I’m excited to see what new words will arise from incompetent and unworldly politicians in the future. 😀