Nice evening!

Yesterday I got visited by two of my ex-girlfriends – Ilina and Sien – that I haven’t seen for a long time. They told me they would organize the evening a bit and I was curious what would happen. Well. We began the evening with a starter in a chinese restaurant. We talked and laughed a lot and then moved on to a greek restaurant, where we had the main course. After this we left and went to the Cafe Spazz where we stayed rather short. We walked to the Sonderbar in Neu-Ulm and started with some cocktails. We then changed the localtion to the CuBar and has some more cocktails. Sien started a little dancing riot and got nerved by a guy asking permanently for her number, so we switched to the Cafe Alexandre for a fast coffee. We fastly left for the Echilada where we stayed for quite a time and then took some cocktails to go and were sitting out at the place of the city hall until it was really too cold for the “dresscode” and they were visibly freezing. We went to my appartment, made some Latte Macchiato and talked about old times, job, whatever. It was a nice evening/night and ended up at 4 o’clock in the morning when they went to Ilina’s cousin for sleeping. Ilina, Sien, thanks a hell lot, it was a stunning evening and it was really nice to see you two again. Hope it won’t take so long again until we meet. Take care on your trip home. Uhm…I got an headache. 😉