Nice surprise.

This evening I rediscovered the WMV-HD version contained in the Tomb Raider Collector’s Box I once got as birthday present. It didn’t really work back then to enjoy this version of the movie because either the DRM shit (sorry) didn’t work or the computer was too slow. Now I thought to give it a shot and stream it to my Xbox360 using the media shares of the Windows Media Player 11. Surprise. It works like a charm and looks great on my 50″ FullHD plasma even if it is only 720p resolution. I also found a nice converter for video files called Videora Xbox360 converter. At the moment I use it to re-encode a 1080p movie to see what quality it produces. I’m still thinking of getting one of the cheap HD-DVD drives for the Xbox360 even if there won’t be any new movies. If someone has a cheap one for sale, message me. I’ll report tomorrow about the quality of the converted 1080p sample.