Successful update.

Although experienced administrators say: “Never touch a running system!”, I yesterday updated myself to the version 36. The update went through flawlessly while in hibernation mode and when waking up at morning I already had the new version up and running. It felt quite nice and overall the update just seems to have implemented some more security updates and stuff, because I didn’t find any significant changes. I’m not really an early adopter when it comes to this version, so I didn’t expect big problems and I really can recommend this update. Nothing to complain. :-)

Making the update process quite nice I have to thank all of you that provided me with nice calls, e-mails, SMS, MMS (the only serious MMS I got until now and the sender said something like “I’ve sent you an MMS? How did I do that? I tried to MMS people since ages and it never worked! I wanted to SMS you”), cards, e-cards, presents, gift certificates, blessings, nice titles (sheep’n old sack), food, wishes and all the things that made installing this update so “worth it”.

First and fast thanks have to go to: Ingy, Paul, Henrik, Carin, Lisa, Marc, Christian (Troll), Margit, Ilina, Domenic, Melli, Moni, Kristi, Pascal, Tobi, Gabi, Holger, Thomas, Ivan, Irene, Markus, Christian (the “B”), Matthias, Elke, Sien, Martina, Sanna, Nils, Majalena, Mum’n Dad, Hannelore, Peter, Heidelinde, Ekkehard, Grit, Erika, Helena, Nicole (Kitti), Wolfgang, Sabi, Sven, Dan, Franco, Martin, Sven, Manne, …
(I surely forgot someone. Sorry if I did. Just remind me then!) ;-)