Nice trip.

At Friday I had the first (real) trip with my new PNA. I first had to travel to Teufen (Switzerland, near St. Gallen) to see two clients for a meeting concerning their websites. It was a nice and safe trip with quite good weather and flawless traffic. The meeting was fine, with good results. The way I like meetings and we had a fine lunch at a really moody italian restaurant. I then continued my trip to Zurich to meet Holger, a good friends that moved there some years ago. We had some chit chat and then went into the city to meet Anja (his girlfrfiend) and Kai (another friend) there to have some good mexican food. Afterwards we went to some bars to have cocktails and a final latte macchiato (no evening without), before we went back home to Holger’s homebase for some more talking and checking out his HD-DVD stuff and some Xbox360 game stuff. On saturday, we went to Starbucks to get some breakfast and then did some windowshopping. After a nice asian meal we took a long walk at the lake of Zurich and afterwards stopped in a small coffee bar for some time. We then spent some time at Holger’s home before I started my trip home. Two really nice days and it was so much fun to see Holger again. I really have to do that more often.
The PNA did a really good job and I’m really satisfied with the routing. Recalculations of the route are really fast and the voice commands are well timed, though a bit too often. My whole trip was accompanied by the excellent demovibes compilations – on full volume by the way.