Only hot air?

Yesterday the new MacBook Air was launched. I was expecting something great but in the end it feels more like hot air. Sure it’s stylish and flat. But being honest: One USB port, no Firewire ports, no ethernet port, no optical drive, no express card and a mono speaker? Also I don’t like the fact that the battery can only be changed through the apple support for $129. When I’m on the road I want to take a spare battery with me. The subnotebook of my girlfriend only lacks the optical drive and even this sucks bigtime. Alltogether you have to spent $1799 to get the MacBook Air, but in my opinion it’s not really worth it. Oh yeah. I also had a PowerMac and Powerbook some time ago and on the contrary to other graphics designers I’m really through with Apple. I just realized quite some time ago that Apple is nothing more than the ordinary computer in a nice skirt. ;-)