Depeche Mode Tour 2009 tour of the universeThough I’m totally boned from work today (our company moves to a new building) this day quite rocked at the end! First I got my new company car (again a Opel GTC – just with moooore extras) and then….tadaaaaaaa…I made it and got two tickets for the Depeche Mode Concert of the new Tour that will take place in 2009. I reserved two tickets for the small area directly at the stage. Almost 79 EUR for one ticket…but these guys are worth it! TOTAL HAPPINESS!!!! PARTYYYY! This really means some fucking loud Depeche Mode Tribute drives the next two days! Time to sing a bit:

Now I’m not looking for absolution,
Forgiveness for the things I do,
But before you come to any conclusions,
Try walking in my shoes!

BTW: I won’t be reachable very good this weekend, because I have to work at least two days of the weekend. 😉