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SceneMusicPlayer – Listen to your favourite scene and demoscene music wherever you are!

SceneMusicPlayer ist the most convenient way to listen to the streams of Scenemusic on the go. Jump back into your youth with the oldskool GUI design and take your demoscene music with you to the beach, in your car or enjoy the various musical styles of demoscene music everywhere…with style!

If you experience problems using the application, please mail us under

The application is easy to use and the controls have been reduced as much as possible.

The main application screen give you:

  • Play button: Buffers and plays the chosen stream
  • Stop button: Quits playing the stream
  • Tuning button: Choose between the give stream qualities (Just cycle through)
  • Stream display: Shows the name and quality of the currently chosen stream

This application is free.

Get it at the Google Play store!