Exchanging navigation systems

Since my previous TomTom One Classic Europe Classic 42 was a bit aged, I decided to get a new TomTom right before travelling to Croatia for a short vacation soon. I got used to the menu structure and the overall usability of the TomTom systems and therefore decided to stick to it. I’m not really interested in stuff like MP3 playing and so on concerning navigation systems, so I googled a bit and wanted to get the TomTom Start 20 Europe Traffic as a follow up. So I went to a local electronics market to get it, but they didn’t have the model I wanted available, so they offered me the bigger model for the same price instead, which I gladly accepted.

TomTom Star 25 Europe Traffic

So now I got the TomTom Start 25 Europe Traffic that offers:

  • a nice wide-screen 5″ touchscreen (13cm), non-glossy
  • maps for Europe and more (42 countries)
  • latest-map-guarantee for 90 days
  • advance lane guidance for more precise graphical descriptions at junctions using nice 3D views
  • spoken street names and direction using the text-to-speech technology
  • initial speed camera infos included in the maps
  • and more.

I already used the device and I’m quite happy with the routing it does and if you’re already familiar with a TomTom device, you will be able to immediately use the navigation system without problems. Connecting it to the PC however does show some weakness compared to other TomTom devices. The MyTomTom user interface isn’t really userfriendly and POI collections, color themes, and so on have to be downloaded “somewhere” and uploaded through the MyTomTom website/application.

The usual TomTom Home software doesn’t work with this device which makes a lot of things more complicated than they have to be.

One first negative I already discovered is that the QuickGPSfix isn’t available through the MyTomTom application up to now. Let’s see what the support has to say concerning the absence of this feature, they list on the appropriate product page on their website.

I guess I will post more test results after my short vacation, that will happen soon. So stay tuned!