Snow White and the Huntsman

This evening I went to see “Snow White and the Huntsman” (IMDB) over at the Xinedome.

The Story was told quite well, even if it had not much in common with the original fairytale. The production design was very cool and the CGI was done really well. The deep dark forrest and the sanctuary were done extremely well with a lots of things to discover in the pictures. Also the sceneries and the indoor sets were quite breathtaking and done with very much love to detail. Beautiful Charlize Theron did by far the best job in playing the evil queen and cool Chris Hemsworth did a good job in giving the drunk huntsman that is a kind of tortured soul. Kristen Stewart as Snow White did a horrible job for me. Sadly she confirms my opinion on her being a bad actress that has to offer only one single facial expression throughout a whole movie. Luckily Charlize and Chris did save the movie! I also really did like the performance of the actors playing the dwarfs. Very funny.

Very devoted. Well done.

I expected a fairytale fantasy popcorn movie with a great design and CGI/SFX and didn’t get disappointed, so this movie truely deserves 8.5 out of 10.