My Xbox Live @ Android

My Xbox Live for AndroidSome days ago Microsoft released the My Xbox Live for Android. Everyone with a Xbox Live account and an Android device running 2.2 or higher can now manage the account, have a look on the online status of Xbox Live friends and manage the contacts, view the 3D avatar and customize it, read the spotlight feed, use the messaging, have a look at the achievements and compare them to friends and some more stuff. I don”t know if this is the first version on the way to SmartGlass, but I really hope it is. The app is already quite stable and running reasonably fast. Connecting to the service is a bit slow sometimes, but ok. The design of the app itself brings a bit of the Windows Phone flair to Android. Have to find out if this is a good or a bad thing though.

I still use Spark360 beneath the official app, as it has some features the official one doesn’t have and it’s very recommendable. If you don’t know it by now, give it a shot, too.