Sometimes (but lately more often) Facebook sucks.

We all know that facebook is a company making a fortune out of our informations. I’m fine with this as long as I have the feeling that they at least respect my needs a bit. Lately Facebook wanted to push their e-mail service by replacing the e-mail address of users by the appropriate facebook e-mail address. You had to change that one back to the original one to be shown. So far. So good.

Today I wanted to send an e-mail to a contact from my mobile phone that syncs the contacts also with facebook. Since quite some people didn’t take care setting up the correct one again and getting rid of that annoying facebook e-mail address, my mail went to a place where this particular guy never takes a look at. But much more worse is that this applies for quite a lot of contacts, so basically this destroyed one of the bases of my communication private and business wise.

Even people that knew my private e-mail address accidentially sent e-mails to the facebook crap. Some ended up in my “Other” folder in the message section and some more got lost. Seems I will check the existing contacts now and then deactivate all syncing with the facebook contacts.

To get rid of the facebook e-mail address please do the following:

  1. Go to your timeline.
  2. Click on “about”.
  3. Scroll down to “Contact Info”.
  4. Click on “Edit”.
  5. Switch your facebook e-mail to “hidden from timeline” using the small icon behind it.
  6. Switch your private e-mail back to “Shown on timeline” using the small icon behind it.
  7. Be happy again!


You also should think about stopping the synchronization of your contacts with Facebook, if you’re using an Android or iOS smartphone. The changing of the e-mail addresses was also synced to the smartphones and replaced a hell lot of correct e-mail addresses of contacts with the facebook spam e-mail. You can cut off the sync on Motorola phones by kicking facebook out of the motoblur accounts. On other Android phones you can remove the sync in the appropriate menu of the profiles.