Thank you, Mr. Bond.

This saturday I had good use for something I learned from “Casino Royale” (IMDB). When I was eating at a chinese restaurant, I suddenly experienced that my tongue and lips are started to feel numb. Moments later I began to sweat and became shaky. Around five minutes later I felt that my stomach was starting to hurt a lot. I was quite sure that I either start to suffer from a food intoxication or had an allergic reaction. One way or another I needed to react fastly.

I thought a second and remembered, what James Bond did in the above mentioned movie. So I got up. On my way to the toilet I took a salt shaker from one of the tables and went to the toilet. I opened up the salt shaker, filled it with water and drank the mixture. My body instantly reacted and I threw up the bad food. I washed my face and took a deep breath before heading back to the table.

I became better minute by minute and even was able to continue the evening without visiting a hospital or doctor.

Thank you, Mr. Bond. o/