…to all the people wishing me a happy birthday. Also thanks for all the very nice presents: Futurama 2008 calendar (Finally I can replace the 2005 calendar at the office), a cool NintendoDS-EA-Bag (No more scratches on my nDS when taking it to demoparties), Casino Royale DVD Collector’s Edition with Poker Cards (We’ll soon do a Bond Style Poker evening with some friends), Depeche Mode – Touring the Angel – Live in Milan Special Edition (Finally I got the DVD of the tour I visited. A nice concert evening soon to come at home), Jean Michel Jarre – Aero DVD (Very cool music and especially this one has great dts sound), USB mini keyboard (it’s a kind of notebook style keyboard for my Nintendo Wii), Kylie Minogue – X (Quite a nice new album), flowers (Directly from Janka’s balcony), Latte Macchiatto Mug (Personalized cool stuff), Ulm city voucher (Will surely become part of some entertainment electronics), Eventim voucher (Let’s see what concert that one will be used for), Coffee Fellows voucher (My favourite coffee shop here in Ulm), two Amazon vouchers (More entertainment electronics to come), a stylish birthday candle (Was instantly burned), and a bunch of really nice phone calls and ecards from friends, fellow and colleagues throughout the day! :-D

I also can tell you that the birthday dinner (low carb offcourse) my girlfriend Ingrid cooked for me was absolutely delicious. :-p

Thanks also has to go to Lisa and Christian for helping me getting and preparing the little birthday lunch at work. It was a nice day. Gooooooodie. :-D