The Tale of the swedish surprise visit.

Once upon a time a funny swedish demoscener called Guildmaster asked me for where I live because some day he might visit Germany for seeing his sister studying in Munich. Unsuspecting I told him and thought no more of it. I know this funny guy and regular comment poster from the Breakpoint demoscene party personally. Today he gave me a call on my mobile phone and asked, what’s my surname. I told him and seconds later my doorbell rang. What a surprise. Henrik (Guildmaster) and his girlfriend Carin stood in front of me when opening the door. They came almost directly from Stuttgart airport and Henrik just meant “Thanks to the built-in navigation of the car we rented”. First they stayed for some latte macchiato and some talk about this and that. Then we went into town and I showed them some of the nice places here in Ulm. They both loved the architecture of Ulm’s city library (Quote: “Shit. I know this building. It’s out of the amiga demo Relic from Nerve Axis. dude. it can start up in the sky anytime and you all will be doomed. that’s why I live in sweden.”) and they also liked the food and coffee at the Henry’s where we stopped for something to eat. Finally we went back to my homebase and had some more chit chat and loud demoscene music. They left for Munich some minutes ago. That was a really nice surprise. And what luck I took a free day today.

You two have a safe trip to Munich and take care. :-D