XBMC update.

After quite a long time I did a Xbox MediaCenter (XBMC) update on my beloved Xbox. It features quite a lot of improvements compared to my previously installed version such as better wizards for creating source entries, gui improvements, better python script handling through the gui, etc. I updated to the latest T3CH-SVN-build from the 2007-07-30. It took quite some setup work to get back to my previous configuration, because some things (also in the ini files) heavily changed. I did some changes on the skin and got my RavenDome logo back in place. Up to now everything runs smoothly and there soon will be a new XBMC-Raven-Edition when all scripts are set up correctly.

Beneath that you really should download the great remixes of the soundtrack of the good old “Odyssey” demo done by daXX/Ravebusters. You can download the remixes in mp3 format over at remix64.com. Very well done remixes that keep the feeling of this evergreen amiga demoscene release.