What a weird day.

Do you know these moments where you have the strange feeling that you have been in this exact moment before? Generally this feeling is called a “Deja Vu“. Yesterday I had tons of such moments. The woman who walked across me that morning when I was on my way to my car for driving to work and I knew a splitsecond before she would say “Oh sorry, I wasn’t looking and in hurry, did I do you harm?”. The way I stood on the gas station smelling the gas while filling the tank of the car. The way my mobilephone slipped off the table and crashed on the floor when I was turning on my office chair. The way my lunch looked and smelled when taking it out of the microwave (one side burned looking like dry soil). The way my colleague told me the icons look like shit on the blue background. 😉 Altogether like in a dream. But now. The feeling is gone. My perception seems to be back to normal. That was truely a weird day. Yesterday. A strange day.