Fasnet is over …

… but the preparations for the next one has already started! o/

As most of the other Ulmer Lechthal-Hexa are scattered around Germany and most of them want to keep their costumes, I will spend some more time into making some new ones this year. There will also be some more improvements I wanted to do for quite some time and possibly there will also finally be the Lechthaler ready for the Fasnet 2013. We’ll see.

First up I registered the domain ulmer-lechthal-hexa.de that I wanted to have for quite some time. I also did some slight redesigning of the website itself and changed the navigation structure a bit and fixed the bugs of the navigation on mobile devices.

Oh BTW: It was a nice feeling to hear “Es goht dagega” at the train station this morning. Kinda feels nice to know that there are actually other people admiring the Fasnet like I do.