I almost forgot “Traitor’s Keep”.

I noticed some time ago, that there was a new DLC entitled “Traitor’s Keep” for Fable III on the Xbox 360 almost a year ago, but didn’t buy it because I first had to finish the “Understone Quest Pack“.

The “Deal of the week” on Xbox Live was featuring all kinds of Fable III stuff, so I got reminded of this DLC and immediately bought it. Yesterday evening I played through the main quests and have to say that I really loved to have new levels for Fable III. They’re once again done with a lot of passion and the story is well done. Definitely a must-have for all Fable III fans. Well. I know this recommendation is quite later. But better late than never! Have fun visiting Albion again! o/

I’m also looking forward to Lionhead‘s Fable – The Journey, even if I’m a bit skeptical that the whole games concentrates on magic for combats, because I liked using swords and stuff up to now. I’m also curious if the Kinect controls are done well and if they will allow a continuous gameplay even over hours. BTW: Here’s the E3-Presentation again for the interested ones.